Twinsburg High School Letterman Jacket


Navy_White Sleeves“TWINSBURG” Back

Tigerbacks 2

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Academic Letter

Academic Letter (Right Chest) Application

Sport Letter

Sport Letter (Left Chest) Application


The word “TWINSBURG” on the back of the jacket choose the style:

Name Plate

Write the name that will go on the jacket. Select BrushScript or an Athletic Block for the style of text you would like (choose only one)

Year Of Graduation

Application of the year of graduation

Tiger Head

Check this box if you would like an Embroidered Tiger twill head on the back of the jacket

Lady Tigers

If you would like “Lady Tigers” in script embroidered onto the back

Sport/Organization Lettering

Please list in order of appearance ($2.25 per letter)


Please fill in the following information. What patches/where the patches will be going on the jacket.

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